Easy to Follow Steps for a Successful Web Identity

We put up a list of step by step questions that might help, if you decide that you need a new website for your business. Hope you will find this material useful. Brainstorm and take several minutes to answer the questions below.

Who is your target public? How will you reach them?

What are the expected benefits of your product / service?

What are your company values?

What are your web site preferences in terms of color, theme, style?

Who are your online competitors? Whose online brand looks best? Why do you think that?

Will you need to hire a professional to write your scripts?

Will you optimize your web pages for Google and other search engines?

Did you decide on a domain name?

How will you keep your clients coming back?

How will you build credibility and add value?

Will you advertise on other websites too?

Will you write your own copy?

Will you update the site content yourself?

What functional features will you need for online sales & delivery?

How will you measure the return on investment?

With these questions answered, your project benefits a good start. Shall you need us to create the visual identity and signage elements (logo, letterhead, business cards, brochures), the web graphics or develop a web application (PHP-MySQL) for you, please do not hesitate to contact us for project estimates and outlines.

Looking forward to creating for you,
Cristina Florea - Marketing Manager SisleyStudio